How to Right Polish the Car at Home

The correct way to polish the car is needed if you want to protect car paint. Car paint is a part of the vehicle that was first seen by people. If you are someone who wants to be noticed by others, then make your car the center of attention. Polish your car paint properly for protecting car paint. To do it right, you can do it yourself, you don’t need to go to the car salon. The polishing process is not too difficult, if you want to polish your car, pay attention to the following:

Before being polished, the car should be washed first because polishing with a car full of dirt and dust will scratch the paint of your car. Cars that are washed clean will make the car body to avoid scratches or scratches that may be due to the presence of gravel on the dust that sticks. Do not forget to always use a special shampoo when washing cars; car shampoo is useful to protect paint from rust, ultraviolet light, mold, dust, dirt, etc.


It is undeniable that the car is often in the outdoors. Well, if your car is not well protected, there will be a number of things happening in the paint of your car. To avoid unwanted things from dust or other dirt, it is better for the car owner to do polishing. For maximum results, polishing should be done in a closed room such as a garage with enough lighting. The right time for polishing is morning and day, around 7 or afternoon around 4 o’clock.

It is better to polish the bottom of the body, then to the top, from the front of the car to the rear. Perform polishing gradually, completing one section, before continuing to the next section. Use a special sponge when covering the entire body of the car with a polishing fluid. You need to know, that polishes contain chemicals that can damage the skin so that don’t put the polish on the surface of the car using your hands directly.

Actually, there is no standard technique of rubbing polishers on cars. But if we refer to the car salon, they use a machine that rubs the polish with a rotating direction. This technique is not absolute, because there are some other machines that move left or right. You can practice one, but make sure all parts of the car body are perfectly rubbed. Don’t do it in a hurry, do it wholeheartedly for extraordinary results.

After all the layers of the car have been polished, wait for about 3 to 5 minutes for the polishing fluid to absorb. Then, wipe the surface of the car using a microfiber cloth. For more complete tips on protecting car paint, you can visit