Environmentally Friendly Emissions – Hydrogen Powered Cars

Demand for gasoline and diesel continues to increase until now. This is because the number of vehicle users is increasing every day in all parts of the world, including developing countries. Solar and gasoline are products of petroleum; petroleum is a source of energy that cannot be renewed, they can run out anytime and humans cannot make it. Humans cannot create petroleum but they can find substitute fuels that are more environmentally friendly to cars. Technological sophistication can save the environment and make fuel reserves longer; humans can create hydrogen-powered cars like Quant 48volt. This car is the best way to overcome the problem of scarcity of fuel.

Hydrogen is one of the gases in our atmosphere; they are present in a bound form, and can be used as a fuel source to run a car. Hydrogen-fueled cars have been developed by several companies, one of which is NanoFlowcell; this company creates innovative models for environmentally friendly hydrogen-based cars. A hydrogen-powered car running with hydrogen, it is a lighter gas that can be found in the upper layer of the atmosphere. Near the surface, hydrogen is present only in the form of chemical bonds, most commonly known as H2O or water. To separate H elements from H2O, it must be done with a complicated chemical process. In essence, Hydrogen-powered cars use water as a source of hydrogen.

Substances emitted from hydrogen-powered cars are water. Simply, hydrogen atoms are broken down into protons and electrons. Electrons are used to produce electricity, while protons combine with oxygen to produce harmless water released from the car. Well, the question is, how can hydrogen be broken down into protons and electrons in the car so that it becomes electrical energy? The answer is fuel cells. The unbound and pressurized hydrogen that has been stored in the tank of the car will flow and react with oxygen from the air in the fuel cell. The fuel cell will convert hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity.

Because emissions of hydrogen-powered cars are water vapor, we can conclude that this type of car is one solution to keep the Earth green and alive. Hydrogen-powered cars are the future cars of all people, if humans want to save the earth they must replace a gasoline or diesel fuel car with a 48volt Quant. If you are curious about the model and design of this car, you can read the review at http://carsnewz.com/nanoflowcell-introduces-new-quant-48volt-concept/. The hydrogen-powered car has a way of working similar to an electric car. The engine from the car moves by electric power or using an electric motor; electricity is not from batteries but comes from hydrogen.

The prospect of hydrogen car fuel has recently increased. This causes several car companies to launch hydrogen-fueled cars. They have exhibited it at auto shows around the world. If you are interested in hydrogen fueled cars or other futuristic cars, you can read Latest Cars News at various car manufacturer sites or visit http://carsnewz.com/.